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1024-a Form: What You Should Know

Apr 19, 2023 ā€” Beginning April 19, 2021, the IRS will make a single IRS electronic version of the Application for Recognition of Exemption Form 1024-A that allĀ  Organizations seeking to be exempt from federal tax, under section 501(c)(4), and who have made such applications inĀ  the previous calendar year. Form 1024-A. (January 2023 and January 2019) In the year immediately preceding the date of filingĀ  Form 1024-A, organizations were required to file Form 26-1, Application to Approve Certain Activities, with their state tax agency. For organizations who are filing Forms 26-1 or who are filing an amended version of their Form 26-1, seeĀ  Organizations who are filing Form 26-1 who did not attach a Form 26-1 to their previous Form 2520-B, Application for RecognitionĀ  and Exemption Under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code are able to request the adoption of Forms 890-EZ, Application to File Exemption Statement, as longĀ  as the Forms are dated at least 60 days before the date such form may become effective. The IRS is able to process applications forĀ  amendments to Form 2520-B prior to the original date it becomes effective. TheĀ  Ā  Form 890. (October 2014) Form 890-EZ. (October 2011), Form 2520-B (April 2014) Form 2520-B in which you have reissued the forms 2520-B and 2520-C with amended information. The Organizations applying for recognition may file Form 890-EZ electronically using a .pdf form. Form 890-EZ (December 2014). The IRS uses Form 2520-B to determine exemptions for the organization in question as described inĀ  Form 2520-B, Application to Recognize Exemption under Section 501(c)(4), andĀ  Form 1024-A as detailed above. Form 2520-B as well as form (filed onĀ Form 1024-A) must comply with the following requirements: (1) The Form 2520-B must be a duly executed ā€œAmendment of Form 2520ā€ (Form 890-EZ) and the Form 890-EZ must be filed with each individual filing Form 1024-A.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 1024-a

Instructions and Help about Form 1024-a

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